Home Decoration Wooden keyring with Edding / Coloring bookends

Wooden keyring with Edding / Coloring bookends


edding Articles 750, 751 and 780 possible to work with almost any surface. Of course, all types of surfaces, including wood. When we saw these little wooden labels for a very reasonable price, we took them aside. Because you're a self-made man, you know, even if it did not work in that moment, he would think it over and put it aside. He's a bit of a scavenger because he likes to throw away and convert, and then he knows a treasure is coming out of it. Right?

Yes, with these little tags we have bookends and key chains. We got our crayons, we applied tiny patterns and scripts. You can already see it in the photos. We especially admit that the name of the bag was our favorite. It is obvious that they are very sympathetic as a name on the gift packaging and give your gifts a sense of humor.

You know that there is not much to note, you know? edding Articles 750, 751 and 780 This is perhaps the cutest part. You build the application directly and start using the object, that's all. Czars do not have to dry on wood, it is finished in seconds. The only downside is the lack of return from the mistake. It is not possible to erase the pencil from the wood. That's why it's a good idea to bring a light pencil forward, especially with your beautiful writing applications.



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