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Weaving Patterned Pillow Models

<pre>Weaving Patterned Pillow Models

We have prepared a very beautiful gallery. All of them are beautiful patchwork models. Models of woven fabrics. Etamin fabrica is done by processing. There are people who know what you have. And home decorationis using. I saw a new one, frankly. Etamin fabric is processed in plain shape and not in diagonal way. We have previously felt cover models, knit weave models and fabric wrapper models. We didn't create such a gallery.

First of all, we will provide you with pictures of how to make and display the patterns and patterns in the gallery. Then you will see the models of the toweling made with this technique. You can do many things with the same technique. Earring models, wallet models, bed cover models, bag models, carpet, mat, table, vest models and many more things you can do. Very stylish and easy. Let's see the model and patterns together before. A full 18 model and picture of how the pattern is made. You can make the colors you want. Vivid colors, soft colors, dark colors. Whatever color you like, you can make various kinds of cushions by adapting it with a suitable color.

The name of this work bargello as it passes. Examples of Bargello embroiderywhat so many beautiful models we have prepared. Now let's see a few templates.

How is the Bargello Embroidery?

The template and the patterns it creates are given. You can manipulate your favorite colors. Pillow models, bag models You can do.

Now we've got 100 of the same techniques. bargello hand embroidery Let's see the pillow model. There were 118 hooded models with the above. There's information on how the upper picture is made. It is done by wrapping the ropes. Again you can find information on how to make some designs in the gallery.

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