Home Decoration Video: How do I make an autumn cup painting?

Video: How do I make an autumn cup painting?


We love the autumn! We also love our edding pins. We have a monochrome mug. Then we found a way to greet the fall.
We have worked a lot with edding porcelain pens and split videos. We love them all separately. Do not forget to browse.

How do I paint a mug with a porcelain pin?

How to paint the mug with a porcelain pen, how to fix the mistakes, how to bake the mug when the mug is washed, does the paint come out? Answers to these questions can be found in our video. You can use our pattern and write as you like :)

Where can we get porcelain pens?

Edding pens can be found in stationery, hobby markets, but if you are wondering where to find edding pens at your location, write to info@edding.com.tr.


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