Home Decoration Video: How do I decorate a glass vase with edding?

Video: How do I decorate a glass vase with edding?


edding 750 and 751 hobby art pencilshelps you to create wonders on surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal. They are durable, odorless and easy to apply and have great colors. edding 750Kalın loves to draw on the glass with the thick and saturated finish. We also received a patterned glass vase without a pattern and applied the leaf pattern we selected from the edge templates with a purple pencil. We draw free and comfortable, that's all. If we make a mistake, we can wipe it off with a damp cloth. In a short time, our drawings have become established and become permanent. This makes it very easy to decorate vivid glass objects with remarkable colors.

When we use these pins for the first time, we shake off the pin and close it. Then we open the lid and pump with the pen tip on the paper. We see the color slowly coming to the white end. Once used, we do not have to repeat this process again.

Ideas for the pattern are available here:

Edding templates


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