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Transparent pocket fabric organizer making

<pre>Transparent pocket fabric organizer making

Made of fabric organizer with transparent pockets. An easy-to-make organizer work that you can easily use in bathrooms, children's rooms, hobby rooms or kitchen. Whether you want to put photos, cards or notes, and hobby and baby supplies.

Materials needed to sew fabric organizer with transparent pockets;
Children Clothes Hanger
scissors, marker pen
sewing machine
Transparent sheet (transparent sheet or transparent mica in a dingy or material you can easily find online)

Transparent pocket fabric organizer making

You put the sling on a cardboard and draw it around. Then you can extend the length of your organizer so that you want to extend. The most important point here is not to forget to leave a seam share while cutting the cardboard.

We cut the fabric by putting the cardboard we cut on the fabric. It needs to cut 2 to be in the same pattern.
By cutting three pieces of pocket to fit the carton you cut from the transparent sheet, keeping it wide enough to fit the photo. If you are going to make your organizer smaller or larger, you can set as many places as you want and adjust the position.

Orgaziner came to use the ribbons that fit the color of the fabric you have chosen for the order. You need to fasten with the needle to the transparent sheet as in the photo.
We sew the ribbons that ribbon the long edges of the transparent sheet and fix it on the fabric by fixing it to the appropriate place.

We also cut the fabrics you cut in equal dimensions and we also sewed together. Now let us put the tape on the edges of the organizer.

You will sew from the bottom and from the top. We're going to get the kid's strap down from the top, so it'il be easy to hang.

After passing the clothes hanger, you can sew the bottom of the organizer.

Here is your fabric organizer with transparent pockets. It is a very easy and affordable budget. If you have a sewing machine. You can also do it by hand.

With the same logic, you can also make pockets of the organizer with transparent plates instead of fabric. So it can be more meaningful to sew the organizer with fabric pockets to use in the bathroom, especially if the materials inside will not appear.
Easy for those who want to try!

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