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Terrarium on tree stump


We have prepared great ideas for you. Terrarium on tree stump, TerrarienpflanzenYou can make these designs with dried branches and stumps that you will find in your village, in your country, on the coast, in parks and gardens. You can use your favorite plants for terrariums in the stump. Variety of cactusesYou can use. There are more than 110 models that give you suggestions. I liked them all, but I liked the model of the sticks, which were prepared as shelves on the wall. But I can suggest that you examine each model. 75 small hobby gardens, fantasy gardens, design gallery. You can make mini gardens for yourself by using branches. With ladders, hammocks, fountains, swings, logs and stones you can create great models. Will be sold again immediately Miniature Garden Accessories to disposal. You can also use them in your designs. You can also make your designs with cactus and bonsai trees. Before you DIY DIY projectsWe talked about it. You can also create your own designs by examining these models.

Make log terrarium

There are more than 110 terrarium models in the tree stump, where we put together the most beautiful models for you. Studies that open you. Terrarium plants do not want a lot of water. And it stays green in summer and winter. That's why it looks so nice in the interior. Handmade terrarium With many plants you can make designs for plants. You can combine cacti, mini trees and terrariums without being tied to one type. You can also see how to make Miniature Garden Candle Holders and Miniature Garden Candle Holders. Each of them gives elegance to your beautiful home, garden and patio decoration.

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