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Sweater Vest Models

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Adding motifs to each other sleeveless jacket, knit sweater models or sweater vest models. A very good example. A very easy motif. A sweater knitted with marbled strings. We shared many beautiful models as jumpers. For example, very easy and very stylish, skewer knitting patterns Made with hooded brass knit sweater construction is a wonderful model. Crochet we knit and we will share the pattern of the last knitting patterns made with a knit sweater you will love again. 100% wool yarn is used for knitting sweater. She is woven with tassels around her edges in purple, yellow, pink and blue tones. If you are ready let's start to describe the sweater vest models.

Ladies Sweater Models

Made with purple, pink, yellow and blue marbling strings, this is a very elegant and very easy example. It consists of full-frame and half-square motifs. A knitted sweater vest with wool yarn and a 4.5 mm crochet. Let's see our full chart and then our half diagram.

Sweater Vest Models 2

Sweater Vest Models

Full motif and half motif is done in this way. Long lines mean handrails, spots mean chain. You can add motifs as you see below.

Sweater Vest Models 1

And last you can add a tassel to the bottom and finish the sweater.

Sweater Vest Models 3

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