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Small handbag with metal handle

<pre>Small handbag with metal handle

Hello, 10 marines. After a long break, we are together with a special study. Metal handle bags are the latest trend of recent times. The metal handles sewed into the bag create a beautiful and elegant detail and add privilege.
It was an exciting process for my first attempt.
I wanted to get a special style in an elegant and oval shape, like a bag box.
I did a little bit of difference with the fabric of linen and linen.
And the result is Ve

I was very pleased with the result, it was exactly as I wanted a special study.
I made satin lining and crocheted mortar on the inside of the bag. You can watch inside details on my youtube channel.

You add something to yourself in the work you do. You cannot develop yourself by doing exactly the same as what is done. Let your work be done by adding your own taste while providing fabric, color and pattern harmony. Of course, it is a must to work diligently.
You can reach other metal handle bags in different form from my instagram account. Sevgilerçç


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