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Sewing a fabric cloth bag


I wanted to show you how to make a bag that even beginners can easily sew. You can sew these bags from shirts, leashes and small pieces of fabric that you do not use as a recycling project. You can use it as a clothes bag, a slipper bag or even as a food bag. Maybe you can prepare such bags for your friends who will have a baby, put in a few small clothes and small toys and put together a nice gift pack.

Sewing a fabric cloth bag


* 2 pieces of 20 * 39cm piece of fabric (one for lining and one for the outside, I have chosen fabrics in different colors)

* 2 pieces 5.5 * 9 cm fabric (to create the channels through which the ribbons run)

* 2 pieces 60 cm long band

* Thread, pen, scissors, sewing machine

When you’re ready, we can go on video, let everyone come easily :)

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