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Planting of plant bags



This is a period when the winter preparations for the kitchens are also completed. When I was thinking about winter preparation, I thought of sewing a bag of food and sewed a cute supply bag from the fabrics in my hand. I also explained in detail how. I made it out of this food bag / cloth bag with polka dot fabric and the inside with a plain color cream fabric. I left a gap of 2 cm from both sides of the outer fabric and I passed a rope through those openings. Thus, the mouth of the cloth bag can shrink tightly.
If you want to try and get what you need to do:

What do you need?

40x22cm cut fabric (for interior)
2 pieces of fabric cut (21x22cm)
Yarn in the appropriate color
Plenty of pins
Wool needle and thick rope

What are the construction stages?
First we cut our fabrics.


We put the fabrics of the outer side on top of each other with their faces facing each other, we attach the edges with needles, we mark 4 cm below and 6 cm below from the top. When the edges are sewn, these 2 cm openings will not be planted and the rope will be attached. After these processes, we sew both sides and bottom with a 1 cm seam.

We double the face of the fabric to be used for the inner side. In this case, only one side needs to be planted. We sew the side with a 1 cm seam. We also sew the lower part with 5-6 cm clearance. This openness will be useful to us in the final stages and in the final stage we will close this openness.


We reverse the fabric of the outer side and the bottom of the sewn fabric, but we do not invert the sewn fabric of the interior. Both of these parts inside the outer fabric, the inside of the inside of the fabric is inside out, we overlap the mouth parts and sew a 1 cm seam share. I've already had the ropes needed to shave the side, but it makes more sense to do it later. And you're gonna need a wool needle.

After the mouth is planted all around, we remove the outer part from the opening that we have left at the bottom of the inner fabric. After that, it is now very easy; We are sewing the remaining part and placing the inside of the cloth bag inside the outer part, we iron well and we pass the rope to the rope.


I am very fond of sewing, and I hope you will be blessed and used for many years.



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