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Pincushion models handmade


knitting needlesyou want from you Cross sampling We have prepared a model that you can work with. Pincushion models handmade In the example we use a pattern with heart. Again we will share the templates with you. We can not help but share beautiful models with you. I do not want to keep a model for myself. I like every model I share with you right away. In the production of handmade models we have explained the description of a model with basket. It's one of my favorite models. You can also use the big flowers that we use to make felt pillows in different decorations. For example, you can make curtain ornament. curtain bond You can. Felt door decoration modelsN, handmade brooch modelsYou can use. You can use your favorite crochet motifs for easy pincushion making. Flower, pumpkin, rose models you can use pincushion. Pincushion models made of glasses and use it.

Decorative pincushion making

Very simple and very stylish. It can also be easily knitted by beginners. Just know the chain and the needles. We will put a nice heart on it. You can use it if you have color crossing ropes. You can do this by changing the color in each round. We start the handicraft models by pulling 20 chains. From the second chain we give 19 frequent needles. We continue to knit the needles so that they have the full frame. Let's quickly see our needle pattern.

Pincushion models handmade

We knit two pieces and combine them with needles. We do not forget to fill the fiber. As a frame, we wrap a loop with colored threads. Then we process the heart pattern as in the picture below. You can change the color as you wish. You can use this scheme to decorate your different weaves.

Pincushion models handmade 2

When all these processes are complete, we have our knitting needles. You can also decorate it with decorative accessories.

Pincushion models handmade 1

Pincushion models Handmade 3

Pincushion models handmade 4

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