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Old shoulder bag

<pre>Old shoulder bag

Blue jeans or jeans with us are indispensable for sportswear. Great little, female male fondly. Why is that? Because it is convenient, it is easy to maintain. Moreover, it is more valuable than the old one. Specially worn, even worn, cut, fringe eaves are left. As such, a lot of jeans are no longer worn for any reason in every household. I started an evaluation project because it is so at home. Here is the first step of this project.

I combined the sports character of Jean fabric with the noble beauty of the guipure lace. Turquoise – white small plaid cotton fabric with a lining pockets lined up. I've added a tiny heart accessory from the same fabric. I completed the case with a turquoise belt. It was a handy bag that could be carried on both hand and shoulder. You can visit my blog below for more information.


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