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Note board with edding pencils


edding pins You can know with every surface painting what decorations can do. The metal surface is one of our favorites. This time we first took a metal tray edding permanent spray We have painted several layers with. Thus, there was no trace of the old surface of the tablet. As you know from some previous studies (here we refer to our previous spraying work), you must use edding spray permanently, if possible in the open area. This time we chose this sweet pink color. We covered the edges of the tray with pink tape. We like that very much.
After that it was even more pleasant. On our completely dried pink tray edding 755 We wrote a calligraphy pen and loved it very much. edding 750 We have drawn simple patterns with numbered pens. Since it is a pin board, it makes sense to say that you remember them. "The pens painted with Edding Spray on the surface were applied very nicely and the result also pleased us as usual.
Edding calligraphy pens If you want to write a beautiful typeface in pencil, if you perform a very easy preliminary, apply the pen to it. After all these operations, we inserted some magnets into the old tray and the new note board and provided it. We also recommend you.


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