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New sweatshirt

<pre>New sweatshirt

I have a great idea for you. I came across the pictures of our project on the internet, I will tell you the design as much as I can, I like it very much. The idea of ​​dressing for those who are looking for an endeavor on long nights, for those who want to have a new hobby and for stitchers.
If you don't use it at home, you can use a similar cardigan if you have a basic sweatshirt that you don't wear anymore. If it's gray, I'm open to colorful ideas.

First we have to do the first operation by cutting properly from the front of the sweat blouse.
Let's not forget to make interlining and fine stitching to prevent the cut parts from being thrown.
Then we move to the forming part with stones. You can do this with the silicone gun.
You can also see my other stitching suggestions from my link on my blog below.


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