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Napkin decoupage application on glass


Glass bowl or glass borcam, I have applied on it napkin puzzle technique. Since I had chosen a napkin with tile pattern, the plate was indeed very eye-catching and stylish.
I used the whole napkin without cutting it and obviously regretted it. Working with a napkin requires a lot of consideration, as it has a constant wrinkle structure. It was very difficult to decouple the napkin as a whole without wrinkles. Already wrinkled in the back, not very smooth, but it still does 🙂

How to make napkins decoupage on glass?

Let's get to our topic …
Required materials: Glass object, napkin, jigsaw, acrylic paint and brush.

I cut the layers of the napkin, turned my glass pipe, and stuck the napkin to the glass object with the napkin glue so that it looked annoyed on the inside of the glass.
I cut and glue the edges very carefully.
Then I painted with 2 layers of acrylic paint and 1 coat (last coat) with pearl white. Of course, you expect between the floors.
And here is my glass bowl with tile pattern.

It can be used as a tray or as a service plate. and there was even a really stylish plate that could be shown as decorative in the buffet, if there are still those who use the buffet in the lounge. Despite my mistake 🙂


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