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Make plush cardigan


We've prepared a great recipe for girls cardigans that can be knit for boys. You can teach your baby cardigan with your favorite animal figurines. We have prepared a sweet rabbit and a sweet Fox recipe. For baby cardigans we knit with plush yarn, the so-called mother lamb. With this thread Amigurumi toys We also knit. my Amigiru Knitting can be a bit tricky. No loops. baby blanket We weave. Lamb blanket is a good example of plush ropes. We have a nice recipe for cardigans for girls, which we knit with a plush rope. She is beautiful in this cardigan. If you want to knit, you can set the number of stitches for each age. We have prepared plans for the construction of plush cardigans. We have prepared the narrative with detailed pictures in the hood section. Hoodies in different cardigan models, Baby vest modelsYou can also use. Let's go to the description of the new model.

Baby Knitwear Fashion

A great cardigan with fox and rabbit. You can make small changes with the same numbers and patterns and make them in each model. By adjusting the number of stitches, knitting can be done for each age. You can also use knit caps for other types of knitting. You can always knit a cardigan by using the numbers that you can use to make the same models.

Now let's look at the schematics of our vest. The front and back parts of the vest are as follows.

Plush Cardigan Making 2

Plush cardigan 13

Plush Cardigan Making 24

Let's take a look at the bonnet scheme and the pictures. And let's examine the ears.

Plush Cardigan Making 23

Plush Cardigan Making 19

Plush cardigan 16

Make plush cardigan

Plush Cardigan 25

Plush Cardigan Making 11

Plush cardigan 9

We finished our rabbit cardigan. Let's see how it stands.

Plush Cardigan 18

Plush cardigan 21

Plush Cardigan make 10

Plush Cardigan Making 3

Now let's examine the Fox cardigan with the same numbers.

Plush cardigan 14

Plush Cardigan Making 8

Plush cardigan 15

Plush Cardigan 17

Plush Cardigan Making 22

Plush cardigan 12

Plush Cardigan 7

Plush Cardigan 6

Plush Cardigan Making 4

Plush cardigan construction 1

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