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Latest Wrap Models

En Son Şal Modelleri 2

Easy and stylish wrap model. Latest shawl modelni you can create the colors you want. We have prepared the recipe both as schematic and as screwed. If you want the schema or you can follow the video you can create. We continue to introduce you the most beautiful, most elegant and latest models of shawl models. Broad wrap samplesIt's perfect for those who don't like ni and like a scarf on their neck, who want to use it like a scarf. Crochet an example we made with. He's moving on as Velev. It resembles a diamond shape. You can use mercerized strings to make the video easy to make scarf. You can also use silk threads to make crocheted shawls. You can also use the ropes you like. Angora is a model that will stand with ropes. Batik ropes can also use the latest shawl models in construction.

Crochet Rectangular Shawl Models

The latest shawl model is a rectangular pattern. The model is knitted using silk yarn and 4 mm crochet. The size of the shawl is 15 cm x 200 cm.

Latest Wrap Models 5

Latest Wrap Models 1

The ropes used are this way. Cotton and mercerized ropes. Let's continue with the chart of the shawl.

Latest Wrap Models

The shawl is the repetition of 2 rounds. Circle chain, long line in the sense of handrail. You can adjust the size of the shawl by starting the chain to the desired length. Reverse V is doing the last loops together. We saw the schema and the ropes. Now let's see how the shawl ends. At the bottom you can find the video.

Latest Shawl Models 6

Latest Shawl Models 4

Latest Wrap Models 3

Latest Shawl Models 2

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