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Kuzulu Blanket Construction

<pre>Kuzulu Blanket Construction

From the first time we shared a blanket much loved. Kuzulu blanket construction a blanket that stands very well when woven with plush ropes or with normal ropes. If you want to know how the Kuzulu blanket stands with plush ropes, you can access our previous recipes. This blanket for doing rope blanket modelsAt the back of the image will not be beautiful. So spending a nice cotton fabric on the back of the blanket will cover the back image of the blanket and look much more elegant. For baby blanket models, you can add fabric to the blanket that looks bad. We got a kuzulu hat on the outside of the blanket. So cute. You can pay for all ages. If you wonder how it is made, you can reach the recipe from the lamb hat. Now we have a blanket with a lamb. A very nice blanket. Our little lambs, blanket of lambs.

Kuzulu Blanket Production

Kuzulu blanket construction as we have prepared video. We will try to give information about rope information and number of stitches. Generally, baby blankets are 90 x 90. But you can increase or decrease these measurements as you like. Kuzulu can use the ropes of the color you want for blanket construction. You can create this blanket with baby wool. I think 3 ips are enough for the colored part. And if you enlarge the scale, the number of ropes will change. 1 white and 1 black will suffice. You can also use it if you have a black rope. In white, the main lamb ropes have ropes with plush ropes. And you can use the skewers that you will use as a skewer.

You can find the knitting rope discoloration from previous recipes. You can use the rice braid model for the edge of the blanket. Let's see how the rice weave and the lambs are made.

We saw how the blankets were made. You can spend cotton fabrics from the edge of the back part as you can see in the photos when the blanket is finished. You can sew by hand.

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