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Şişle Örgü Modelleri 2

Vest models, shawl modelsN, cardigan modelsa great example to use. Knitting patterns construction is described in detail in the video. You can ask without hesitation if you have any issues. Used in knitting patterns peanut braid pattern describe the baby knitting patternsYou can also use it. You can use baby wool and cotton ropes instead of Angora ropes. Knit neck collar models can also be used as hat patterns. You can use the knitting pattern with many knitting patterns.

How to make Burma Knitting Model with Pistachio?

You can choose the ropes according to the knitting pattern you will use with the knitting patterns. Angora for vests, baby wool for baby weaves, cotton ropes. According to the separate rope, we'll need a skewer for the peanuts.

Knitting Models

We make knitting patterns before we start to make the knitting stitches. Right above the tire application, we set up our model. 3 stitches reverse, 4 stitches straight, 3 stitches reverse, 1 stitch cut, 1 stitch up (ie, we open the stitch by making openings), 2 stitches straight, 3 stitches reverse, 4 stitches straight, 3 stitches we continue our model in the opposite form. Following the explanation I wrote. We apply the openwork on each front face of the model and weave between the peanuts. 3 reverse 4 straight places where we apply the pistachio burma places and 6 rows of reverse we count back from the back of the knitting peanuts on the front of the weave application. On the back of our knitting we cut 1 stitch due to peanuts and reduce the number of stitches to 4 stitches. We complete the model by doing the burma process on the front side of the thread. In this way, the progressive and elegant and stylish model. You can apply as you want. Vest, etol, scarf, cardigan etc. is a weave model that you can apply in the area you want. Since it is a flexible weave, I recommend that you start by counting the number of stitches. I wish all the knitting loves ladies the convenience.

Knitting Models with Swell 1

Knitting Models 2


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