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Knitting Models Baby

Örgü Modelleri Bebek 1

A very good example of baby vests. You can change the sample we use at the bottom. You can also use the knitting patterns we use at the bottom. This example we use in baby knitting patterns shawl modelsYou can also use it. Immediately knitting patterns baby vest.

Latest Model Baby Vests

Knitting models used in baby life jacket, 3 buttons, 3 number crochet, 1 yarn. The dimensions of the model are suitable for babies between 1 and 8 months of age.

Knitting Models Baby

We start our robe with the roba. We're pulling 104 chains for his robe. We pull three chains on the fourth chain and make a triple railing. At this time, we will separate the bodies of our vest. We have 18 handles for the right front body. We are doing a handrail for arm separation and pulling 2 chains on the same chain and doing one more handrails. We're knitting 13 handles for the next chain into the next chain. We are building 40 handrails for the rear body. We are also discriminating. We're building 13 handles for the other arm. We make a distinction in the 14th chain. For the other front body we use 18 handles and we complete the body separation in the first row. In the next order we are knitting trbabzan numbers in the same way. In the section of the two handles between the two chains are increasing. Increases are made in the distinction sections. The handles are knitted in the same way.

Knitting Models Baby 2

We're covering 9 rows of roba. We're going to do a 10-to-1 arm combination. We pull 3 chains on turns. We are making one railing in each chain and we weave the order until the time we have separated. 1. and 2. We unite the arms from the gap. We're putting a handrail into the void. We take the rope on the other cavity and we do a 1 handrail. We got the arm together. We're knitting trash up to the split. We make the other two nests like a combination of arms. We're knitting the rest of the line. We've completed the sleeve combination of the vest. Model 5 and 5 are installed on the chain. We are starting to weave the first row of the model. 5 chain pull back and back to the first chain and we are doing 2 railing. We took 3 handrail with the chain. We're pulling a chain of 1. We're doing three railings on the same chain. We continue until the end. 2. In the second row of the model back into the space between the 2 handles and 3-peanuts are making the gap. We're doing the same chain of 3-peanuts. Peanuts into the next gap without closing the peanuts and collect 2 peanuts. We pull a chain and make 2 railings on the same chain. We finish this process again. In the 3rd row of the model, we pull 5 chains and make it into the first slot. We pull the chain between 2 and 2 peanuts in the middle of the 3 are doing a railing. We continue until the end. Model repetition with 9 rows of models we finish and finish. The edge groove is made up to the last ordinary start and the collar. A frequent needle is applied to the collar with a side rail. On the left side of the jacket, 3 buttons are opened for the button. Let our princess wear our princesses.

Knitting Models Baby 1


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