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Knitted flower pattern


Knitted application models can be used wherever you want a great flower example. Booties modelsN, fiber modelsand knitting ornament artYou can use anywhere. We'll even see an example of the application on the booties. Knitted flowers samplesalso made from knitted roses from the patterns used. The three-dimensional production of knitted butterflies is also a good example of your decoration. Now let's move on to the new model.

Make flowers

For knitted flower patterns you can choose a rope depending on the model. The booties used in the video are ropes. first magic ring We make 12 handrails and combine the order. We draw 7 chains and take and close the stitches so that the chain stays in the stitches and we collect the stitches when crocheting. In this way we collect 11 stitches and guide our loop through them, creating the first leaf of our rose, jumping over a railing and fastening our loop. In this way, we prepare the center of our blossom as 6 leaves. In the second row, we create nests by pulling 3 chains on the loops behind each sheet and fastening the loop. We weave the second leaves of our flower as 8 chains and 12 fillings. In the meantime, we get 8 leaves by raising 2 leaves. After we finish our train, we build nests to restore the leaves of our blossom. In our third leaf row, we make 13 fillings by pulling 9 chains, and in this time we make 2 leaves in our petals, making 2 leaves. We plant pearls in the middle of our flower and close them. You can use the flower I have prepared as a pre-flower in fiber flower or baby blanket or as an ornamental flower in your knitting area.

Knitted flower pattern

Knitting flower pattern 1

Knitted flower pattern 2


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