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Knitted Blanket

Örgü Battaniye

Lace View knit blanket. Snow patterned knitted blanket. We can call it many names. Very beautiful motif and very elegant blanket models, single, double, baby blanket, bed cover, sofa shawl, matting models, cardigan models You can reproduce. We will try to give a detailed and detailed description of the construction. The motif used for the blanket can be made in two colors. You can create each motif in different colors. We also use a hexagonal baby blanket model in baby blankets. We also use the same pattern in cardigan models. The colorful baby blanket is also made from other motifs we use. We also use a lot as intermediate motifs.

Knitted Baby Blanket Models

Knitted blankets with an openwork, round pattern. Let’s start with the scheme immediately.

Knit Blanket 3

blankets to magic ring We start by making 16 frequent needles. When we come to the 2nd round, we start with 4 chains and we pull a chain on each of the frequent needles and pull a chain. When we get to the 3rd round, we are sinking into nests as 2 chain 1 frequent pins. Frequent needles will be made to the nests. In the 4th round we draw 3 chains. We have two handrails next to the chain into the first slot. We collect the last stitches together. We pull 3 chains and do 3 handrails in the same slot and we collect the last stitches together. We pull out the 7th chain and jump into slot 2 and repeat the same process. We complete this tour in this way.

We’re doing the same in round 5. But on the 7 chains we make 3 chains 1 frequent pins 3 chains. On the 6th and 7th rounds, the chains are made in the same way, while in the 6th round 3 chains are made as 1 frequent needles and in the 7th round as 5 chains 1 frequent needles. You can add motifs to each other in the last round.

Knit Blanket 2

Knitted Blanket 6

Between the large motifs, we add and insert the following small motif scheme.

Knit Blanket 4

And the blanket is over. It was very nice.

Knit Blanket 5

Knitted Blanket 1

Knitted Blanket




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