Home Decoration How to paint an old (vintage) phone?

How to paint an old (vintage) phone?


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This type of decorative vintage painting has attracted much attention lately. So I painted an antique phone and changed the interior. So, how is this mobile painting done? Let me explain.

How to paint the old phone?

When painting this antique phone, Art Deco acrylic paint was used. You can also mix colors. I opted for a light mint green acrylic paint. Acrylic paints are available in large stationery, hobby shops or in the online search.

4 colors were applied with 20 numbered brushes. Each solid was allowed to dry before staining. For all decorative paintings, drying between these layers is important. If you do not wait to dry, your work will not work the way you want it. After each drying, another coat was begun.

During painting, the landscape was:


When painting, keep the following in mind: You should use the brush in one direction. Otherwise, unpleasant traces can be left behind.

I did not paint the middle earpiece of the phone. If you want to paint it, you may want to disassemble the phone parts. You can also clean the parts separately.

You can paint and recycle old items in your house to get a nice picture. The old version of my phone was as follows. You will see the new version.

Vintage Painting-how-old-telephone-done

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