Home Sewing How is the cup case made?

How is the cup case made?

<pre>How is the cup case made?

How is the cup case made? That's it :)

One of the most beautiful things of the winter months and autumn accessories is sahip Fluffy scarves, sweatshirts, tiny gloves as well as all functional and warm accessories such as cup cases. Both will keep your drink a bit warmer, and if you are going to use it in a crowded place (for example, workplace), thanks to the sheath model you will always make sure that the cup belongs to you. As a gift for special occasions such as New Year's Eve or birthday, you can also consider preparing cup cases that will suit your taste. A special case for her, a trophy made just for her .. What a wonderful gift!

How is the cup case made?

First and foremost, we take the dimensions of the cup. The dimensions of the fabric I had to use according to the size of my cup were as follows:

22 x 9 cm fabric
22 x 9 cm flat lining
22 x 9 cm wadding
1.5cm fabric tape for making bias
1 hair tire
1 button
Needle and thread

We start sewing the pads under the fabric and making the cup case.
Then, we put the flat lining you have received in the fabric into the back.
At the opposite end, we knit the hairpin by calculating the future of the button symmetrically.
The edges are going to do the verev bias. The excess of the buckle will remain under the bush, and that ugly image will close.
As you can see from the photo, you can staple from the edges to the back.
Now we are in the final stage, we are sewing the button so that the hairpin is just opposite the closure we made.

We're ready for the winter, whether or not we've put it around the cup! Here is a very cute cup case that's easy to make, easy to make, and as a result!

Original fabric, lap and lining

After all of them are stacked like a sandwich, the hairpin is closed with the same stitch.

Doing so is both a stylish edge view and more to store the buckle.

We put the button on the appropriate edge after the bore.

How to make the trophy case is made so easy :)

This work is quoted from the following source.



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