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How do I make a star motif?


How to make a star motif, I tried to cheat the video. I knit to use in booties decorations. You can use this type of beautiful star motif as an ornament for all kinds of hats, scarves, cardigans, vests and similar fabrics.
These motifs are knitted with a small amount of rope. I tried both ways to show it to you. The biplane was larger and more conspicuous, while the single-decker was very polite and elegant. Glitter can be given by sewing beads on the optional center piece.
When knitting as a double layer also 2 different colors can be used. If your rope is thicker, you will get a thicker motive, and if your rope is made of thin baby wool you will get a thinner motif. I knitted it with the remaining shoes. It looked fuller and more conspicuous.
Knitted number 3 with crochet hook.

It was a multi-purpose design that could be used independently of a baby or adult. I knitted with pleasure. I hope you enjoy it.


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