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Handmade leather bag models

<pre>Handmade leather bag models

Handmade leather bag models, all my own design. Bags are indispensable in our lives. It complements our clothes and makes them beautiful. In addition, we want to be useful as well as stylish as we try to fit a lot of things into our bags. If possible, it should also be of good quality and original :)
I don't have a workshop where I can do my leather work. I arranged a room of my house as a hobby room. Here, I cut the skin by hand using traditional methods and sew it by hand using waxed rope with saddler tools without using a sewing machine. For me, this job is very enjoyable and requires a lot of attention and time in all stages. In addition to handbag models, I also make accessories such as leather fabric wallets, coin bags, phone cases, glasses container, pen holder, key chain, cigarette holder.
I also design and sew jeans and jeans and leather bags. Above you see my bag design with jeans and leather combination. I also color leather bags with staples, tassels or hand-painted.

Handmade leather bag models You can contact my social media accounts at any time. You can check my other leather bags and accessories models from my Instagram account and my 10th profile here.


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