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Hand Knitted Vest Models and Construction

El Örgüsü Yelek Modelleri ve Yapılışı

A new example. You can use the narrative model in many of your weaves. Crochet vest samples, crochet shawl making, baby knitting patternsYou can use. The recipe is video-narrated. Knitting beginnerscan also easily learn. An easy example. Hand knitted food models and constructionLet's go to the recipe of the example we use in.

Crochet Knit Vest

You can use handmade vest models and medium thickness ropes for construction. And the appropriate crochet rope you will use.

Hand Knitted Vest Models and Construction

Medium thin rope crochet 3.5 number

Model 5 multiples are installed from +4 chain. Let's pull 52 chains. Let's make a triple handrail to 4 chains. However, let's make 5 handrails side by side. Let's pull 4 chains and make a 3-railing with 5 chains from the bottom. Let's create five handrails. Let's complete the sequence with these numbers. Let's pull 3 chains for a top row and make two 3-handrails inside the cavity. Let's pull 4 chains and make 3 handrails per 3 handrails. Let's pull four chains in between and go on like this. Let's make 3 chains with 4 chains and 3 chains with 3 chains. 2 handrails into the nest. 2 handrails into the slot, 3 handrails to the top of the handrails. While making the last row, let's pull 4 chains into the cavity, 2 trabazan and 3 railings. Each row is the same. Repetition of the 1st row is done and the pattern continues. You can use the model in your summer vests, hangers, blouses, bags and bags with a lot of knitting.


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