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Glass ornament with edding pins


Glass decoration, painting was more popular than before. Apart from the use of liquid colors, we want to show you what you can do with glass crayons that offer a more practical and finer use. Again, we have come up with a glass painting with edge pencils. This time we are decorating glass kitchen glasses with edding 753 – 755 Gloss Paint Marker Calligraphy. In fact, our work is very simple: we decorate a glass of tea and coffee. We have calligraphy; In other words, we decided to write TEA and COFFEE in different shapes on our glasses because they were just beautiful pens and they were given a simple pattern with a tiny ornament.
If you think you can write nice articles and others; Then take the pen and write on the glass. These pens are very easy to use due to their fast-drying structure. Calligraphy pens have two options with fine and thick pens. Use whatever suits your style. We like to write bold articles that show up because we like the bold a little more. But when we drew the tea cup pattern, we used the fine-tipped ones. With these pens in black, silver and gold you can see how satisfying color and texture are when you touch the glass. You can use your object immediately, as it dries quickly.
If you do not trust your writing very much, experiment with a piece of paper. When it is absorbed, stick the inscription to the inside of the glass with adhesive tape and go over it with edding calligraphy pens. Is not that a good idea?
Try these Edding pens, which make painting and decorating glass very easy. The stations of our work can be seen in the photos. Do you like it We have already started to use Kullan


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