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Ornament of flowers I will tell you today. The door decorations are the most beautiful ways to make a nice welcome to your guests. Door ornament models usually made of felt, because I like different designs of jute / rope rope and making a gaudy door ornament made of flowers I chose to do. This model can be used as a decorative ornament inside the house or in the decoration of the balcony and garden.

Materials needed for door trim construction;
Rope rope (also known as jute rope)
Colorful Flowers
Silicone Gun
And of course your imagination.

Now it's up to you to control what you can do. You can add different things to these materials according to your tastes and different door ornament designs.

Firstly jute of course. Starting from the base of the basket to make a basket from the rope rope. You can choose a knitting method by throwing a knot to the jute thread. Or those who do not knit also can follow a method that can be applied by gluing completely with silicone. Jute rope with frequent silicone paste to begin wrapping around itself. If you want the size of your basket after the base is formed, you can raise your basket by placing a glass bowl of similar size on top of the base and then gluing the rope with silicon. We're taking out the glass bowl when it's done.

Rudely rope rope we can describe it this way. You can also prepare a vase from jute rope with the same logic. If you want the shape of the rope to be wrapped around a similar object in the shape of an object will come forward as you want.

Then you make the flowers according to your taste on the basket again with hot silicone paste. You can prepare it with clusters or bouquets.

And as a result, you have a magnificent and glorious door that will open your eyes, and that nobody will be able to crack the neighborhood.

Making a basket from jute rope requires attention and time, but I can say that I am having fun. When he sees the result, he understands that he is a worthy person.
Or I'm a fagot who will deal with, if you do not say I do not at all, or I do not have time, but if you want to say you can reach me, I can design the door ornament on your behalf according to your taste.


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