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Fabric clutch bag – waterproof

<pre>Fabric clutch bag - waterproof

Fabric clutch bag model, also waterproof! Would you like to enjoy the summer with our specially prepared clutch models?
Each portfolio bag model is specially designed. It is designed by hand painting or special decorations according to the model and it is only for you. So it is possible to paint any text or figure you want. In this way, a cluch gift decorated with cute messages can also be a meaningful idea for your close friends.

The outside of our bags are 100% canvas and the inside is waterproof with a special lining. Our zippered bags, zipper detail with star or floral motif ..

Maybe the model for you is tasseled, who knows? :)

Beige or black bags meet you with different colors and different products.
We have bag models that you can use both day and night.
You can also use our daytime models to store your wet bikini or to protect your private belongings from water. Or you can carry it in the form of a make-up bag or organizer in the big bags for easier access to your small items.

If you want to get information about fabric clutch bag models, you can contact our social media accounts at any time.


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