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Expression of fiber models


We have prepared a recipe for a sample that will appeal to you in terms of fiber models. Cake fiber production. Expression of fiber modelsAll details can be found in the video. And you can learn without difficulty. Knitting ornament art You can also use the cupcake models in different locations. Let's examine how the 2019 fiber models are made with a capillary model.

How to knit dandruff?

We use white, brown and red colors for fiber. For Kupcake motifs you can evaluate your remaining threads. We need crochet, scissors, needles and threads.

We start our 3-D cupcake fiber by knitting a camomile fiber base. We make 6 peanuts in the round ring, which consists of chains. We make 3 slices of peanuts and divide them into 6 slices. At the end of each slice we increase our fiber by elevating. We repeat this process until each slice contains 8 peanuts. For each slice, we reduce the number of peanuts by lowering them at the beginning of the row, and we go to the point where we started the knot shift method, and make a single peanut knot and close the edge. We complete our base by doing the same thing in other slices.
For the cupcake we make 3 peanuts with our brown rope and finish the first place we started with 3 peanuts by raising 4 peanuts. Weave 3 rows at the end of the series by increasing the process. For the cupcake we reduce at the beginning of the row with a fiber rope of the desired color. In the second row, we make ornaments by knitting individual peanuts in between. We complete the knitted cakes in 4 rows and make 3 peanuts with a red rope between two peanuts on the top. We fix each slice on our fiber by sewing from the 4th row.

Expression of fiber models

Narrative construction of fiber models 1


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