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Cool dress model from cheesecloth

<pre>Cool dress model from cheesecloth

When I was looking for dress patterns from cheesecloth and scarf, I was surprised by the chicness that appeared before me. Paralysis Paralysis started looking for a chic and cool scarf. The girl wears this dress in such a cool way that I admire it. He sewed two separate scarf dresses and finished with high heels, a nice belt and a jacket. They're both wonderful. The most important detail of this cool girl with chain hangers. Chains that we can take out of an old bag or we can find in hardware stores, hardware stores can also add a different atmosphere to our clothes.

Materials for clothes making from cheesecloth

– 2 large cheesecloth
– scissors
– 4 metal staple ring
-Suitable chain

Actually, it's easy. Because there's no stitches. The straps of two lengths of cheesecloth were sewn, then curled up and worn with a belt. Rings are stapled, chains are fitted and adjusted to the corresponding places suitable as hangers. You just need to wear it right. Now we can catch this look with a solid belt. Especially suitable for cool young ladies. But if you want, gimmick, waist and hip level can be secured with a simple straight stitch, the wind can not be opened in the wind.

These wonderful models and beautiful photos are here:

outsapop – Cheesecloth dress



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