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Berede dog outfit making

<pre>Berede dog outfit making

I wanted to share with you the Berede dog outfit making. You know, dog clothes are sold at very exorbitant prices, you can save money and have fun by doing them yourself at home.
This cute dress you make from an old beret.

First, prepare an old beanie and scissors.

Cut the top of the cap. If you cut too much, it may come in plenty.

The beanie will now look like this when you cut it.

Then cut the beret from the seams. You don't need to cut it if your dog's hat comes right to you.

If your dog's waist is too thin, you can reduce it by cutting off the edges.

Then we cut the beret to cut the ground. As I said before, you don't need to cut if the beret is full on your dog's waist. I cut it to shrink it, so I'm sewing it.

For a more aesthetic and comfortable appearance, we fold the collar.

We're sewing to fix the curl.

Then we drill a hole wide enough for the paws to pass through. If you make the hole too big, the paws will come out.

Then we sew the edges of the paw holes so that the fabric is not removed.

It will look like this when you sew.

This is the finished sweater.

But if you want to embellish, you can create a cute look by sewing a tulle from the inside like the color of the beren, optional;))

To sew the tulle, I turn the cap over again and sew the tulle.

And here it is ;) It's that easy to do. It's a great idea to keep your friend in the cold;)

Thanks for reading ;) 🐾🐾


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