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Bag decoration ideas and ruffle making

<pre>Bag decoration ideas and ruffle making

Looking for bag decoration ideas? I love this frilly adornment. The color of the bag is very nice, I think it would be very nice to use such fabric ruffles to hide the worn places. The person who made the statement told me very well, I try to transfer:

First we prepare our frills. Let's open a separate title:

How to sew a ruffle?

We sew our fabric strips in reverse order, as shown below:

We turn them straight and we're ironed. It allows the sewing to be centered. Below we see:

If we want to be the top of the ruffle, more moving, less game, how we want to be by leaving the stakes in the middle part of the fabric boom with a straight stitch two lines we are creating another column by sewing. Here's how:

Below you can see the 3 sizes and type of ruffle prepared. To do this, we pull the lightweight ropes from our stitches. In this way, we create our frills.

Then the frills planted in a row like the following have created a very merry image:

Sew simple; With the machine stitching, we're going straight through the middle of all of them:

The old and the flat of the bag is like this:

Owner's bags with another strand prepared. The only thing I need to do is sew the ruffle strip with the silicone gun in the bag.

I like this one very much. Did you like it?

Here: Ruffle bag renovation work

Thanks for this lovely project, makeitmyown. Hope you don’t mind; we If you do, please contact us at bilgi@handmadethat



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