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Applique embroidery with jean jacket ornament

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I'm not throwing the rest of my son, I'm bringing it to make it useful for my daughter, there are people asking, I wanted to share this situation with you. There are incredible blessings in the side streets of Eminönü. You can easily find ribbons, laces, applique embroideries, varieties of roses, I can't get out of one of them :)
I had a jacket with Jean H & M 12 * 18 months I said I stayed in dismal. In addition, I could not give anybody, my daughter, my daughter, when I come to this world, I'm going to make a box.
I also have trinkets, lace, buckle, chiffon, needlework, tassel, beads, chain, invitations, ornamental drawers.

I just glued it to the jacket with the appliqués I bought on the jacket.
In fact, I have included different designs in my blog, for example, in my daughter's room, I sewed curtains from the silk slub fabric of the sleep set. :) I have a blog link in my profile.

And without forgetting; I share all the excesses I don't use in my house with KKM IMM Women's Coordination Center.
“You may need someone else if you come too much“


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