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Amigurumi unicorn


One of my amigurumi toy works, which has been quite common in recent months, is for those who say that no one like me will not be without a unicorn. :)

Your imagination is the limit. When I was a kid, there was one of my favorite cartoons, these unicorns (I can not remember the name right now), so I said if I did not. It was fun to do as he did. This crochet toy made of Amigurumi snowball yarn is about 30 cm tall. Amigurumide plastic eyes, nose and so on. There are those who use accessories, but I have crocheted as a feast to make it safer for children.

Can be made in different colors according to your own design, I prefer to be colorful. I hope you enjoy it… Dreams and hopes are always with us with this toy … :)

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