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Amigurumi Bear Recipe

Amigurumi Ayı Tarifi

Cute, innocent with short shorts amigurumi bear recipe there If you're just starting out with the amigurumi, you can start by examining how we should have the amigurumi rope. Then we use the amigurumide and many weave to start the video which is how the magic knot is made. You can start to weave amigurumi by examining other techniques. First you have to decide on your rope. Then you should be crocheted. For nako diamond, you can use 2.5 mm crochet for lanaso alara. You can determine your crochet size according to the thickness and fineness of your rope. I've used the lanaso alaran's gray rope to make the amigurumi teddy bear bombo. I used blue felt as a felt. She was so sweet. A toy about 36 cm. It will change the size of the toys in the ropes you will use. If you're ready, go to the Amigurumi bear recipe.

Amigurumi Bear Making

You can create cotton ropes with acrylic ropes. When you weave with the ropes described in the model, the size of the amigurumi bear recipe is around 28 cm. A 2.5 mm crocheted toy with a cotton thread. I amigurumi toysI am using bead fiber for im. You can also use them if you have straight fibers. Amigurumi construction If you are knitting to small children, it will be healthier to use 100% cotton yarn.

Amigurumi Bear Recipe

When our toy is finished, it will look like the above. Now let's watch how it is done with details from start to finish. You can ask if you have a place. Good looks.


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